Who thinks innovatively, builds innovativly!

Design Floors

from KORODUR original. sustainable. unique.

The mineral industrial floor as design floor.

Based on its core competency in the field of hard aggregate industrial floors, by the end og the 1990ies, KORODUR developed new products and systems specially for decorative design floors – cementitious-mineral, robust, creative and elegant.
Any KORODUR design floor represents a handicraft work of art and thus in fact is unique. In demand are floors which express a certain individuality.

KORODUR design floors form the optimal synthesis of durability, optical appearance, originality and the request for sustainability.

KORODUR Copetti Floor

the smoothed KORODUR design floor in cloudy, maeble optics


TRU decorative floors with outstanding features, self-leveling, fast-setting, best for polishing, decorative, for indoors and outdoors


the polished KORODUR design floor in granite optics


  • Mineral
  • Original
  • Sustainable
  • Creative
  • Individual
Any KORODUR decorative screed is a handicraft work of art and therefore unique. A decorative screed is not a floor from the catalogue, but requires:

8 important notes

Interaction – between client, architect and specialist installer from planning to completion

Expertise – experience, handicraft skill as well as economic and aesthetic sensitivity

Planning – detailed planning, e.g. load-bearing capacity/sub-base, joints, surface structure

Experience – experienced and professional installers

Knowledge – knowledge about risks in context with cement screeds

Inspection – inspection of reference jobs

Pattern – prior relevant test areas

Maintenance – first maintenance treatment/ stain protection, routine cleaning and care