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Cooler- and Heating Systems

Accuracy and reliability for your requirements

Ventilation technology

Individual solutions for different industries

In restaurants, hotels, office and commercial buildings and in retail, fresh and pleasant air contributes to comfort.
In other areas such as medicine, pharmacy or food technology, clean air is a requirement that is subject to strict regulations.

We are your specialist for the planning and construction of ventilation systems.
We design and assemble air conditioning and ventilation systems for private customers, business customers and industry.
We also take care of the associated electrical installations.
Our CAD department prepares the necessary plans for the air conditioning and ventilation installations.

Contact us to get individual advice from our experts.

Ventilation technology - ecological, energy-saving and individually designed for you.

We advise and support you in setting up the right ventilation technology.
For the private home. For your business. For your office building. In the industry.

Ventilation systems for offices and businesses

Custom air conditioning and ventilation.
Different industries and institutions have different requirements.
Of course, the well-being of employees, customers and guests is also important here.

Decisive for good indoor air:
a balance of oxygen, humidity and temperature.
In addition, it must be clean and able to circulate – for consistently high and hygienically perfect standards.

We will find the right solution for optimal ventilation:
– in office complexes
– at retail
– in supermarkets
– in restaurants
– in hotels
– in hospitals and medical practices
– in universities ….

Ventilation gas systems for industry

Sensitive processes place particularly high demands on air quality. Clean rooms are required in microelectronics and microsystems technology, but also in pharmacy, medicine and food technology. Clean room systems are subject to strict regulations and controls, which stipulate, for example, particle levels as well as temperature and humidity values.

Your benefits

Installation and assembly by our professionals.
Together with you, we will create a suitable concept for your individual ventilation system requirements. The following services are also part of our service.

  • Analysis of the circumstances and requirements as well as creation of the concept
  • Planning and installation of your ventilation system
  • Regular maintenance to significantly extend the life of your ventilation technology

Intelligent cooling concepts

Refrigeration technology

Trade and industry depend on perfect solutions. Bearings need to be cooled just like machines. Refrigeration technology is often used to counteract the high temperatures that can occur on machines.

In the healthcare sector, professional refrigeration technology is sometimes vital. Not only must the air be kept clean, but an optimal temperature must be guaranteed so that measuring instruments work properly and various goods can be stored and not spoil.

Cold storage and deep-freeze cells

Suitable cold rooms are characterized by their hygienic properties and ease of use. When selecting and planning your refrigeration cells, we determine the required performance and equipment, take the room situation into account and create an individual concept for you.

Refrigerated cabinets

Refrigerated cabinets in supermarkets should not only fit into the technical context, they should also be able to be harmoniously integrated into the design of your facility.
Supermarket refrigeration technology can be connected by us to the entirety of all systems and the building technology at any time. This gives you an overall concept that enables efficient energy management.

Cold rooms

Whether in the food industry or for the provision of food and drinks in restaurants, hotels and canteen kitchens, refrigerated and deep-freeze rooms as well as refrigerated halls, refrigerated warehouses and refrigerated tunnels are indispensable in the catering trade and food trade.
We are at your side to install the right one to preserve your food.

Compound refrigeration systems

Compound refrigeration systems are particularly suitable for companies that operate several refrigeration points.
The compound system can be optimally adjusted to the various cooling capacities, thereby saving energy and costs.
We design a concept for you in which freezers, refrigerators and also air conditioning systems are connected to one system.

Accuracy and reliability for your requirements

Intelligent concepts for your cooling of IT and clean rooms

Climate cabinets offer the perfect solution

The Best Client Deserves The Best Agency

Climatic cabinets are used in various areas.
We know the cooling requirements of IT rooms or clean rooms in the food industry, industry or the health sector.
Trust in the precision of our products and experience.

Climate cabinets are of fundamental importance for modern IT rooms or clean rooms. They make it possible, among other things, to ensure precise cooling.

2 factors are decisive for this:

Temperature – only a precisely controllable temperature will ensure that there are no quality problems or damage.
The temperatures are often precisely specified. Our devices can be set individually and guarantee constant, exact temperatures.

Humidity – in climate cabinets, a sensor measures the current moisture content in the interior. This makes it possible to humidify or dehumidify the interior in a controlled manner and to set a permanent level of humidity.

Areas of application include:

  • IT and clean rooms
  • Corrosion testing of various products
  • Storage of plastics, metal parts, coatings and building materials
  • Storage of electronic components