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Air conditioning

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Air conditioning systems for offices and business premises

Optimal air conditioning

We spend a large part of the day at work. The optimal climate in your business or office buildings, both in terms of working environment and temperature, is of great importance for the productivity and general well-being of your employees.

Air-conditioning your spaces to measure

Dust and dirt particles in the air, temperatures that are too warm or too cold – all of this has no place in the office.
We ensure that there is always a pleasant climate and high air quality in every room.

When it comes to air conditioning in office complexes, several factors must be taken into account. On the one hand, whether the building is still in the planning stage and therefore the size and placement of the air conditioning system can be taken into account when fitting out the interior, or whether the installation should be carried out in an existing building.

Air conditioning systems of the future

High cooling performance, low power consumption.
A cost-effective commissioning of the air conditioning system is of great importance for companies, especially outdated air conditioning units usually only strain the budget unnecessarily.

We are at your disposal with a detailed consultation at any time.

Air conditioning for your industry and production facilities

Air conditioning systems in industry play an important role in ensuring optimal working conditions and the smooth operation of certain processes.

They must be able to efficiently cool large spaces and even entire buildings.
Air conditioners allow precise zone control to cool different areas of the building independently. This is important to meet the different needs of users and to optimize energy consumption.

Modern air conditioning systems in large buildings use advanced control technology to optimize energy consumption. Sensors measure room temperature, outside temperature and other parameters to adjust air conditioning accordingly and ensure comfort.
We analyze the circumstances and requirements, determine the feasibility and take over the planning, assembly and maintenance of the ventilation and air conditioning of your clean room systems for sterile production processes and all other areas.

Your advantages with our air conditioning technology

All functions from a single source

We supply air conditioning systems to heat, cool and clean the air in your building. The extended expansion around your new systems is no problem for us: we do painting and roofing work as well as drywall.

Individual services

Do your office and commercial buildings have special requirements or do you have a special request?
We have the optimal solution!

Flexibility and Reliability

These are our advantages for the satisfaction of our customers.

Renew air conditioners

All systems can be retrofitted or installed at any time without any effort.