3D- Concrete-Printing

Who thinks innovatively, builds innovatively!

The revolutionary way to build a house!

The new dimension in house construction

Why print a house?

Through intelligent design and optimized use of materials, 3Dprinting of houses enables alternative construction methods

3D printing undoubtedly has the potential to revolutionize th construction industry and home building of the future

This allows complex structures and designs to be manufactured with high precision, with can lead to more efficient construction

The way to a sustainable future.

The architect can express himself in house construction -

The new dimension in house construction

  • New forms can be developed and individual structures can be realized without any problems
  • Architecturally innovative buildings at no addional cost
  • Smart designs
  • Optimized use of materials
  • The design of the walls with different surfaces, for example: 
druckhaus 5

Notable Benefits

Design freedom

  • Unprecedented forms in house building
  • wide variety of individual shapes and structures
  • Bespoke buildings designed and realized according to the specific needs and preferences of the client
  • Architects and designers can experiment and develop innovative living concepts that were previously unimaginable
  • The freedom to create complex geometric shapes > create unique and aesthetically pleasing buildings that stand out from traditional designs

Time and cost savings

  • The construction process is largely automated, with 3D printers doing most of the work
  • Resources such as time, manpower and materials can be used more efficiently
  • Workers can focus on quality-related tasks, resulting in overall improved construction performance


  • Due to their solid construction, there is the potential to be particularly durable
  • 3D printing allows for a continuous and homogeneous structure > improves the stability and robustness of the building
  • As a result, higher resistance to various weather conditions and natural disasters

Energy efficiency

  • 3D printed houses show better energy efficiency
  • the insulation can be integrated directly into the printed walls
  • reduces the heat or the loss of cooling capacity
  • reduces energy consumption, improves living comfort and lowers energy costs

Recruitment of professionals

  • The automated construction process reduces physically demanding work
  • it reduces the risk of injury, the physical strain on employees and improves occupational safety
  • Targeted material = less waste, less construction dust and dirt
  • cleaner working environment, reduces the cleaning effort and can improve the air quality in the workplace

That's why the investment is worthwhile

Innovation potential

Flexibility and adaptability

Creativity and freedom of design

Cost savings

Local production and one-demand manufacturing